Saturday, July 10, 2010

Right Brain Left Brain

Here's a thought that I would love to hear what others have to say about this: There's a magical sort of experience that seems to come about when both sides of the brain are engaged in a task. What are some of the activities that engage both sides? In general society is run on a very left-side, logical, numerical system with our advanced technology, computerized systems, etc., while the right brain activities can be seen in action in the arts (all kinds). (See JudyAdamsonArtAndDesign - her April blog "RightBrain Left Brain")


  1. Betsy,

    I love your thoughtful entries.

    I have long been very interested in right brain, left brain learning. We need some serious revolutionary right brain shift, especially within the education system!

    I have always found drawing with the eyes shut is a wonderful excercise for both sides of the barin, first with the right hand and then the left, trying to imagine and visualize with your minds eye, say what your bedroom looks like. This I have found to be a very freeing excercise I think probably does engage both sides of the old gray matter!.

  2. I love this! On the same note, I tried this in my area by writing a piece of music away from my keyboard with interesting results (the stories say this is what the masters such as Beethoven and Mozart did - there may be something to this!) Helen Keller certainly didn't need her outer senses to live a full and creative life!